About CampaignCoach

CampaignCoach was started by Petrik de Heus and Marek de Heus in 2008, two brothers and independent software developers.

CampaignCoach is now a service of Tilted BV , an IT consulting company co-founded by Petrik and Marek. Besides running CampaignCoach, we run Bordfolio a platform for schools and DiverData a platform for the diving industry.

Everything we do is based on a number of principles:

Test Driven Development

All the code we write for CampaignCoach is done with the TDD (Test Driven Development) philosophy. First we write a test, then we write the code. This approach allows us to drastically improve the quality of the code as well as prevent bugs from reocurring (currently we have about 50% more test code than application code).

Code metrics

We measure the quality of all the code we write. This is an area in which we have a lot of expertise: members of our team contribute actively to some of these tools.

Proven architecture

CampaignCoach is built on a number of proven technologies.

  • The Ruby on Rails web application framework. Rails is used by many websites, including Twitter, Hulu, Yellow Pages, Omroep.nl and many others.
  • Amazon Webservices. CampaignCoach runs on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). This architecture is used by many successful sites.
  • Automated database backups. Our databases are backed up incrementally around the hour to a separate redundant system. Every day we do a full backup to make sure we never lose any data.


We have our uptime monitored by Pingdom. They have a world wide network that monitors our service 24/7/365. If for some reason our service does not respond, they notify us via text messages. In case of an emergency we can automatically setup another server to keep the service up. This minimizes our downtime (our uptime over the last 12 months, as of november 2010, is 99.99%).

We treat every exception with a lot of attention. If an error occurs in the system, it is sent to Airbrake where it is analyzed and resolved by our team.



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